7/27/06-Sorry for not updating the news for a while. There is a new video up, the forum is ready, and two new services are up. There seem to be some problems for people that have an 800x600 screen size. (This site is designed for 1280x1024). I may have a solution coming up.

7/12/06-Today, I added more games, mainly from Miniclip. The forum is still not ready.

7/11/06-Today, I worked on the forum, though it's not done. I also added a new game from ezone.

7/10/06- After some hard work and problems with MyBB and phpBB, a finally got a forum up with SMF. DO NOT REGISTER. It's not ready, yet.

7/9/06- OK, I have the first contest up. For this specific contest, I don't have a deadline. Also, I'll be working on more pages such as the videos page and the games page. Update: The server was down today, so I'm behind schedule.

7/8/06-Today I started working on the homepage. It's almost done. I also have the contact page done and a new contest on the way.